Team AWA: Introducing AWA Plus, The Bespoke Dating & Matchmaking World

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Introducing AWA Plus: The Bespoke Dating & Matchmaking World

So it’s finally happened. The next step in our progression (we will be really lying if we said we hadn’t thought about this the past few years). You should really believe us when we say that we have gone around very different paths since we started in 2014, to get the right people to meet each other. We’ve hosted 150+ events, for about 3000+ singles across the country. From black-tie masquerade nights to private yacht parties, to informal game evenings, brunches and dinners, to specially organized tank rides and evenings with illusionists, countless sundowners, book readings, and private movie screenings, we’ve covered a spectrum of stuff that can bring us together from our busy schedules and meet people outside our social circles.

Somewhere along the way, we’ve hosted quite a few entrepreneur and after-work mixers too. Especially in Delhi and in Mumbai. We also realized during all this, that having a tech platform may not be a bad idea after all (we were pretty against tech, mostly because we couldn’t understand how a 2-D image will communicate in a multi-dimensional world that we live in). But nevertheless, we did launch the tech platform, and we’ve seen engagement off the roof – both for singles world and for social world. We’ve also onboarded a lot of partners, whom we can host events with. This way you’re meeting a lot of people, not just online, but also offline.

But there was still something missing…

This is where AWA Plus comes in. It’s a complete bespoke service. And it’s got nothing to do with the app, or the events. A lot of our members were requesting a more hands-on, personalized approach to meeting their better half. Which was just not possible at the events (because of the noise ratio), and definitely not on any online platform available to us. The customization of this request far transcended the superficialities, the education & professional backgrounds, interests & preferences, etc. We’ve gotten pretty good with reading people (after meeting with so many of you), that we’ve started to get a pretty good idea what really connects two people together. So it’s got to be tailor-made for each member. We’ve actually been running this in beta for the past couple of months, and the response (and the outcome) has been fantastic. We’re rolling this out slowly to everybody we know.

Do have a look at AWA Plus, and see if it makes sense for you. If it does, we welcome you to apply to us. We’ve also brought on board a senior matchmaker – Ruchika, to lead this world. She comes from a psychology background, and has been playing cupid for a number of years, as the founder of a private practice. She’s quite excited to be joining A Word Alike.

AWA Plus: The Bespoke World. APPLY NOW.

Himanshu Gupta

Founder, A World Alike