Founder’s Note: It’s not you, it’s us!

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We’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately these past couple of months. About why we started A World Alike back in November 2014, and if we have achieved what we started out to do. The answer is No.

Since Nov 2014, we’ve had almost 5000 people apply to us from across the three cities. We’ve spoken to about 2500 people, and have hosted more than 1500 people at almost 150+ events across the three cities. For those of you who have actually met us at our dos, you would’ve gauged that we never really positioned ourselves as a singles-only network. Infact until recently, the word ‘singles’ was never even used on our website. It was understated and understood (married folks never really came anyway). I believed that people should come together without an agenda and figure it out. And that’s where we went wrong.

I have come to believe, that any singles app, or a singles network/community, has to foster real relationships. Not hook-ups, such as Tinder. Maybe this is the old(er) me talking. 5 years ago I would’ve scoffed at this idea. While we cannot, by any means, guarantee that a relationship will culminate into a matrimony, but it doesn’t have to. We just have to attract people who are ready for a relationship, and let them figure it out what a relationship really means to them. By not clearly communicating that, and by focusing heavily on events, we have failed in our idea. While all good and away, we have let down the very folks whom we wanted to add value to. That has to change.

Our new tagline – ‘Build long-lasting relationships in a trusted community of like-minded singles’ has to be everything what we do. While we understand that we will be turning away quite a few members who may not be ready for the new us. And that’s fine. We hope that not everybody should be ready for us. Else it makes the idea of us, pointless – and that is why a community such as ours, and dating apps such as Tinder needs to co-exist. We do however hope to cater to them when we launch AWA Social, a world where regardless of your relationships status, you can come together and meet people, without an agenda.

We’ve also recently launched AWA Online. We will now be focusing on adding value to our members lives, by better understanding them, and helping them connect 1:1 with other members from across the country, besides our events. And like Tinder, if you guys match, we don’t want you chatting up. We want you to get off your phone and computer, and come meet us at our events. We will be keeping you in the loop as we try and add more value to you, via our platform – both online and offline. And no idea can run on it’s own. We welcome your feedback, both positive and negative, on how we can achieve this together.

Himanshu Gupta
Founder, A World Alike