Founder’s Note: It’s our second birthday today, and what’s in store for our members!

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Well well! It’s our second birthday today and against all odds we have come this far. As a company, we’ve played a very small role in technology, and a very big role in trying to get people together at the 150+ events that we have hosted in the past 2 years. Almost 1500 people have come for our events, and we’ve got a pretty good idea by now, about what really gets people going. We didn’t want to become just another tech company, too soon. However, we did manage to gather and understand a lot of real data about our members about why they get along with a particular person (as we write this, we are expecting our first baby from a couple who found each other through the community). There are a number of members who have nurtured new social and work circles as well, and that’s an equally important aspect of what we are trying to do.

These past 2 years, it’s become clear to me that being part of a community full of ambitious, motivated people provides a common bond that allows two people to instantly connect with each other. Our goal with A World Alike is to replicate that same feeling and create a community of passionate and driven people who, while they may be working towards wildly different goals, feel that instant connection.

To that end, we’ve been working very hard on a mobile app the past couple of months. An app, which gives you curated matches everyday, because we believe there is a fairly good chance that you might get along with those people. Rather than just focusing on friends of friends, that most other apps use (in this case, we will be the common friend), and interests (we’ve no idea why apps use interests as way to match people up), we will focus on very abstract data points, such as education, profession, and personality among others. Because we believe we all have one thing in common – a pursuit to find our equals and to find somebody that can compliment our individuality. And if you guys do match up, we really don’t want you chatting away (while you still can), we want you come and meet us at our events. One of the best About Me’s that we have received from one of our members is this – “Not into texting. Google me, and then ask me out for a drink”. We are wasting too much time trying to rack up on mutual matches, and that has to stop.

We should be launching our app by December and for our members until the 15th of December, we will automatically double their subscription duration, so they can see what we are talking about. We are quite excited about the data that can come alive using technologies, and we have a pretty good feeling that we can add tremendous value to our members lives. And while we are doing this, we will hope that you will continue to support us and give us feedback at every step of the way.


Himanshu Gupta
Founder, A World Alike