Founder’s Note: The people we become friends with, date or marry!

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We’ve received some questions from some of our past members about how we are introducing people to each other, each day at 5pm, especially because we don’t ask for your friends’ list as most apps do!

What we’ve seen these past 2 years and across the 150+ events that we’ve hosted, and in no way is this a break-through, is that people usually ‘become friends’ with people of similar DNA – that is similar social upbringing, exposure, educational & professional background, personality/values & ambition. Facebook friends-of-friends is the lowest common denominator when deciding these subjective variables (as within two degrees a lot of people in this country are connected).

This is one big problem i’ve faced on many dating apps too! I see a never-ending stream of 100 profiles a day, most of which are absolutely of no relevance to me, and this is what accentuates the ‘hook-up’ behavior on these apps.

We are trying to position the Singles World as a dating/matrimony/get off the couch and meet people world. Hence it’s paid and there is a strong intent there. We are positioning Social World as an interest-based world where you can meet people from either gender/age (based on your preferences), depending on what you’re looking for (and regardless of marital status). So for the time being we’ve introduced 5 customized Social World Intents – #entrepreneurship #newintown #party #travel #startups. We’re yet to launch the Professional World – but we envision a concierge-focused networking world wherein we introduce you based on your very specific needs and requirements.

So essentially, our vision is to become an internet company, which does one thing, and one thing alone – connect you to relevant people who have similar intent as you. And not in numbers.. but intelligently. We want to cut out all the noise in the digital world, and let the concierge understand your preferences and do all the heavy-lifting in the back-end. A lot of the startups have a KPI (key performance indicator) – ours is quite simple – of the handful introductions we give to you each day, there should be a high probability of at least one mutual connection. We’re wasting a lot of time on apps, and I think communities such as A World Alike, will become the primary way of how people will meet each other in the future. We’re still early in this process, but that really is what we’re trying to achieve with the AWA Social App.

If you have any feedback for us, please do email us or ping your in-app concierge.

The AWA Social App is now live in the iOS and the Play Store. Download here.

Himanshu Gupta

Founder, A World Alike