Of love, luck, money & checklists: Notes from an Indian Matchmaker

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Disclaimer: The thoughts below are our own, and you may not agree with us. So, we can just agree to disagree. We are not here to write about stuff that is considered politically correct in India. Since we deal with a certain niche target market, it really does not apply to everybody.

Over the past several months since we started bespoke matchmaking, we have been speaking to a lot of people. Several hundreds of people. We’ve signed up our 150th client this past week, and it’s been interesting to see what people are looking for when they try and find their mates.

India is a very interesting country. Within a mile of where you are right now reading this article, you will probably run into hundreds of different kinds of people. People from different social backgrounds, languages & cultures. It’s really this diversity that makes it so much harder to really meet your special someone in these chaotic times, and this is perhaps also the reason why arranged marriages are so pervasive in this country. It’s also this complexity that makes dating apps in this country…just a gimmick.

We, at A World Alike, have now come to fundamentally believe in arranged marriages. Our own idea of how people [sic: should] meet has changed considerably over the past few years, and now more in-line with the ground realities. Meeting through family is still the number one way that people meet and marry each other (friends are a close second). It makes sure that the fundamentals (social and economic backgrounds) are all lining up, before you really put yourself together and go on that date. All that is really left for you to figure is if there is any chemistry between the two of you. You’re not wondering about the 10 other things that are going through your mind. So if you’re keeping yourself from meeting that girl that your mum’s been suggesting for you, we say go for it! If you don’t meet, you will never know. And who knows right? After all, marriages in India are not between two people, but between two families. No matter how much we might want to disbelieve this notion, but we’re not living in New York, where all that you really need to worry (and care) about is your other half.

We’ve heard of so many different stories. From women who were misled in their first marriages, to women who are looking to marry rich. From men who believe in love, to men who are looking only for trophy wives. For people for whom sense of humor, personality is far more important to people for whom the professional profiles become the deciding variable. From people who lie to us about their income and business backgrounds (and we wonder why), to people who hold themselves at such high pedestals that it becomes impossible to truly find someone. From old money to new money, the sheer diversity of the kinds of people we have met and spoken to is a never-ending one.

We are all unique, and we believe that certain social & professional parameters shape whom we marry. The people we date and become friends with, are not the ones we marry. We think it will be interesting if were to publish some of these stories in the hope that it brings us all some clarity. With the number of dating options available today, and the diverse set of people we meet, a lot of us are just lost, and we’re all looking for a bit of help.

We are however, not here to give advice (even though it may sound like that). Each of our reality is based on our own upbringing and life experiences. Each one of us are just winging it (both professionally, and personally). However, if we were to learn from someone’s experiences, we think it could help us validate some of our own assumptions. And whether those assumptions will help us find our true love, if that even exists.

We are however convinced of one fact – that we are all looking for our special someone. No matter how cool you are. We’re not looking to date endlessly, and most of us crave for long-term companionship, sooner or later. After all, nobody wants to die alone.

Until our next blog post, do keep a check on this space. Have a good week ahead!

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Rahul Singhania

Client Lead, AWA Plus

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