Vogue: “These members-only services will only up your drinking and networking game. Welcome to the good life.”
Economic Times: “A World Alike is among a new set of clubs that give people a chance to bond with like-minded people and banter over anything ranging from food, culture, shopping or masquerade parties.”
Quartz: “At a masquerade ball hosted by A World Alike at an upmarket restaurant in Mehrauli where Sangria flowed like water, I looked around to see a curated set of Delhi’s professional elite, most of them in their 30s —a Supreme Court lawyer, a United Nations consultant, a television journalist, a publishing house editor—swish around the cobblestone courtyard, with wine glasses in hands.”
India Today: “In what could well be a scene out of T.S. Eliot’s The Cocktail Party, the dance of the social network becomes a physical phenomenon. He designs shoes and apps. She designs fabrics. A man in the corner in his mid-twenties, with a drink in hand, is an entrepreneur. A lawyer says she hates her job. An “escapist artist” meets a woman with shiny, long hair, who is into car racing. Among the 25 handpicked to mingle by A World Alike (AWA), a gated singles community,…”